“A long held interest in history and antiques led to the creation of Old Hen Antiques and Collectables. Every piece tells a story as we hold history in our hands.”

Martha Annthe old hen who hatched the idea

History in the Home – every house has antiques or collectables that tell the story of those within. Whether it’s Royal Memorabilia from that day we all crowded around the television, the Clarice Cliff plate that Granny brought out on special days or the string holder from a bygone era of mending.

History through another’s eyes – some antiques are our window into another time. The artist’s impression or the handmade souvenir give us some insight into a world we can only read about.

These lovely ladies provided the inspiration for our name. They like nothing better than scratching about . . . much like ourselves.

Meet Scarlet our little mascot. You can follow her on twitter as we travel around beautiful Northern Ireland.

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